Ben Gooding


Ben Gooding is a British artist currently based in London, England. Gooding primarily creates abstract artworks. Gooding’s abstract artworks are presented in a variety of forms such as aluminum drawings, prints, scored and perspex works that consist of repeated geometric patterns, which allude to the greater complexity of the natural and cosmological world. Gooding’s work emphasizes how a small simple pattern can be utilized to create a complex and multidimensional piece of art. He begins his artworks by creating an edge, then repeating this pattern along the edge hundreds of times over to build up the composition. His abstract artworks can be seen as a reflection of the chaotic but patterned life of London as well as the sophisticated and mathematic qualities of the natural world. Gooding received a BA with honours in Fine Art from the Cambridge School of Art in 2003. He then continued his studies at the renowned Central St. Martins College of Art and Design in London, England where he received his MA. Gooding then went on to exhibit extensively in London. In early 2017, Gooding’s art will be featured in several national and international exhibitions including a group show at the Alice Black Gallery in London, the New York Affordable Art Fair at the Gas Gallery, and a solo show with Artlink Canada hosted at the Jaydon Art Gallery in Vancouver.