For a hotel to standout in the hospitality industry it must come up with creative strategies to keep their clientele satisfied and engaged. A marketing strategy some hotel owners and developers have been utilizing in order to have a creative edge is placing new and interesting artworks in their hotels. Artworks can aid in building a hotel’s identity, create overarching themes and aesthetically please hotel clientele. While budget hotels are focused on cost efficiencies and core amenities, artworks are a core feature of luxury, boutique, and design hotels. Distinctive art has proven invaluable in creating environments within hotels that are stimulating, inspiring and exciting. 

Importance of Art

Artworks are significant to society because they serve as both functional and symbolic elements. For some, art is utilized to display their cultural sophistication and by others for individual expression. As functional elements artworks are utilized for investment, for psychological and healing purposes, for social causes, and as modes of communication. Artworks can personally connect people to their own history, other cultures, or the broader human condition. Artworks evoke curiosity, interest and provide a fun experience!

Revitalizing Hotels with Artworks

Hotel art collections are curated by the hotel owner and developer, and thus reflect their values, creativity and strategy. Many hotel owners believe and understand the need to earmark money for art programs. Although investment in these art programs is limited, it has resulted in diverse marketing strategies from hotel developers. 

There is no doubt that artworks can be utilized as an effective method to refresh the look of a hotel instead of investing money in structural changes which can be very expensive and time consuming. Experienced hotel developers say that rooms can be made to appear larger by changing the decorative scheme instead of increasing the room by a foot of width. Generally, hotel guestrooms displaying framed artwork are more expensive. 

Utilizing Artistic Communities and Galleries for Hotels

 Julian Schnabel conceived this unique art installation with over 4000 light bulbs that is located on the Gramercy Park Hotel's top floor in the Drawing Room.  

Julian Schnabel conceived this unique art installation with over 4000 light bulbs that is located on the Gramercy Park Hotel's top floor in the Drawing Room.  

Hotels should utilize the artistic communities for new and exciting artworks, as this helps hotels keep relevant and up to date. Not only is it beneficial for the hotel to have artworks but it is also important for the artistic communities. As Paul Morris, who manages a number of international art fairs, including the Armory Show in New York City, stated:

“Hotels really can’t get away with putting mallard prints on the wall anymore. Therefore they need to tap into the artistic communities for help.” 

Art programs in hotels are frequently provided by an independent art consultant or an interior designer. Designers and art consultants quickly point out that if artworks are carefully chosen the look of a hotel property is significantly enhanced. By using interior designers and art consultancies, hotel developers are achieving time and cost efficiencies, as these services are geared towards understanding the features and amenities desired by the hotel’s specific target market as well as providing access to artists the hotel management may not be aware of.

Rosewood Hotel Georgia is a good example of a hotel in Vancouver, Canada that displays a stunning and cohesive art collection, as a result of a great art program being implemented. The hotel utilized Vancouver-based art consultants Farmboy Fine Arts.

Internationally, New York City has done a fantastic job in utilizing art as a marketing differentiation strategy. The arts in New York City are a vital aspect of the New York economy, and a major factor in attracting tourists to the city. Good examples of hotels that show diversity and well thought out hotel art programs are the Gramercy Park HotelThe CarlyleThe Standard and The Greenwich Hotel.

Building Relationships Between Galleries and Hotels

Galleries and art consultancies are an important resource for hotel owners to utilize when building a hotel’s art collection as hotel clientele are demanding more diverse and customized types of hotels. Galleries and art consultancies, in all likelihood, will give hoteliers a discount and are very flexible with their prices as they know how beneficial this relationship is; hoteliers buy in large quantities and give a lot of exposure to a gallery’s artists. We at Artlink Canada believe in the importance of providing high quality artworks for hotels, as hotels often times are important cultural venues; some rich in history and others on the leading edge of cultural change and/or design. Through the art we provide, Artlink Canada wants to bring hotel guests an elevated experience at their chosen destination; one with exceptional atmosphere and taste. We want people to come away from hotels we have contributed to, wanting to return right away, inspired by the art!