Art is one of the most elegant and creative ways for people to reflect upon the current and past generations. A good artwork has to have many levels to it in order for it to be memorable. The best artworks stand out because they usually come with an interesting story, are educationally stimulating, technically outstanding, aesthetically pleasing, and mind expanding. It is important to understand how all of these elements make certain artworks extraordinary and how this changes the status of an emerging artist into an established artist.

Artists have been connected with curators and sponsors since the 17th century during the period of the Renaissance. As a result, there have been many curators and sponsors that have helped emerging artists bud into global sensations and become established artists. We at Artlink Canada want art collectors and enthusiasts to understand that it is just as important to support artists at the beginning of their career as it is to support them later on. Here are a few reasons why curators, sponsors, art collectors and art enthusiasts need to continue to support artists when they are both emerging and established.

Emerging Artists

An emerging artist is someone who's in the early stage of their career, someone who's caught the eye of an art critic and/or gallery.” – Bmoreart

 Here is a brand new artwork entitled, " Revealing Source " (2016), by Scottish artist Daniel Mullen whom is one of Artlink Canada's promising emerging artists. 

Here is a brand new artwork entitled, "Revealing Source" (2016), by Scottish artist Daniel Mullen whom is one of Artlink Canada's promising emerging artists. 

A common misconception is associating an artist’s age with the level of their career. An emerging artist can be any age. What makes an artist emerging or established is based on their experience and career.

Emerging artists have a strong desire to challenge and bring their own point of view to the art world. Many emerging artists strive to come up with the most avant-garde ideas of the time so that gallerists and critics will notice them. By doing this, they can get a chance to expose their artworks in art galleries and advance their reputation and status as an artist. Once an artist is noticed they have more possibilities to try different styles out.

Supporting an emerging artist is a good idea for collectors and curators to do as it expands your options in the price ranges of the art market and there is a lot of room for the artist to grow. Established artists’ price points are always higher than emerging artist price points. An emerging artists’ price point will be the lowest it will ever be in that artist’s career. In other words, when you buy an artwork from an emerging artist you can potentially re-sell the artwork for a higher price later on in the artists’ career, if that artist becomes more popular or famous.

Established Artists

 Established American artist Frank Stella. This artwork was just exhibited at Art Basel Hong Kong 2017 and is entitled, " Lettre sur les sourds et muets I"  (1974). Photo by Henri Neuendorf.

Established American artist Frank Stella. This artwork was just exhibited at Art Basel Hong Kong 2017 and is entitled, "Lettre sur les sourds et muets I" (1974). Photo by Henri Neuendorf.

An established artist is also known as a ‘blue chip’ artist in the art market. They are in a mature stage of their career and have an extensive body of independent work with a signature style. Most established artists have built strong connections between curators, buyers and art galleries. Sometimes people that are unfamiliar with the art world consider the value of artworks equal to how famous the artist is; that an established artist has made it once they have made a certain amount of money. This is not the case necessarily and there are a lot more elements that must be considered to achieve the status of an established artist. Established artists must prove this status with their abilities as a painter, having a signature style, their exhibition history, number of publications about them and their work, museums collect their work, consistent years of sales and having a international and national following of art collectors and art enthusiasts.

Supporting established artists diversifies your art collection. Generally, these artworks retain their monetary value. You know you are paying for a good quality piece of art with an established artist and they have the ability to be re-sold on the auction market. The artworks should retain their value over years to come and these artworks are a rare part of the world’s history.

Artlink Canada aims at exploring and supporting all of the value that both emerging and established artists offer. So next time you are thinking of visiting a gallery take a look at exhibitions that show both emerging and established artists, as you never know what you may discover. You may find an emerging artist who has yet to be discovered, with lower price points or you may reaffirm your love for an established artist. The possibilities are endless.