bruce Pashak

Bruce Pashak is a Canadian multidisciplinary conceptual artist living and working in Vancouver, British Columbia. Bruce takes a multidisciplinary approach to his art, working in a variety of medias; painting, drawing, sculpture, and mixed media. In Bruce’s paintings he combines imagery, text, and technology to create a narrative that plays with culturally encoded associations, both affirming and denying their validity and engaging the viewer in this discussion. Pashak’s imagery includes familiar subjects such as human figures, animals, and insects that are either transformed or altered into contexts that make the viewer question how we associate with those subjects and to what extent we value those objects. The concepts and imagery presented in Pashak’s paintings are complex and compelling, playing with our optics and the construction and dissemination of perception. Pashak wants his viewers to have an individualized experience and create their own interpretation of his artworks. Pashak has a MFA from the University of Calgary. His work has been extensively exhibited across Canada including at the Toronto International Art Fair, and internationally in New York, Paris, San Francisco and Tokyo. Pashak’s artworks are part of several collections, including the gorgeous Hotel Arts collection and Alberta Theater collection in Calgary, Alberta as well as the Nickle Arts Museum and Esso Canada Incorporated collection.