Eric helvie

O cropped 1.jpg

Eric Helvie is a contemporary painter who lives and works in New York City. Helvie has a diverse artistic practice experimenting with abstraction, photorealism, screen-prints and bleed through paintings. Helvie’s work deals directly with the act of seeing, obsessive looking and optical ambiguity. Pulling from art history, television and film, his paintings act as props and icons, objects that gain meaning from their context and point to a larger system of understanding. In Helvie’s latest body of work entitled, “O”, his paintings seamlessly move between the idea of abstraction and photorealism. Helvie captures ‘loading’ Instagram images from his own Instagram feed and painstakingly renders those images into richly coloured oil paintings. The resulting image is a purposefully unclear composition with a ‘loading’ circle centered, demanding the viewer to have patience and meditative appreciation to engage with the artworks.  Helvie has extensively exhibited in New York City, recently completing a solo exhibition at Massey Lyuben Gallery.  Helvie was also selected to be the artist in residence from 2015 to 2017 at Nord Anglia International School in New York City. Helvie’s works have been reviewed by ArtFuse, VICE, artnet and featured on PBS and in The Daily Beast. His artworks reside in numerous private collections.