Evan venegas 


Evan Venegas is a contemporary painter who lives and works in Queens, New York. Venegas paints abstract artworks in acrylic and watercolour paints. His work represents the process by which he interprets the complexities of his surroundings. Venegas has a wide range of style in his paintings where he seeks “to create an experience or a state of mind for the viewer that inspires a change in perception or a focused consciousness.” In Venegas’s “Lost Grid” series, he systematically and intricately deconstructs and reconfigures abstract shapes that are loosely based on the urban and industrial landscape that surrounds him. In Venegas’s latest series, “Day Maps”, the artworks are painted primarily in watercolours, exploring circular shapes, colors and scale. These delicate paintings display the balancing elements in Venegas’s life, with the circles attributing to different values and life events. Venegas’s work has been exhibited locally and internationally in Toronto, Texas, California and New York City. He has also been a participant in a number of art fairs in New York including Governors Island Art Fair, Affordable Art Fair and Select Art Fair. He recently was awarded a commission to participate in the inaugural season for CSA + D Brooklyn, as well as receiving a grant from the Sustainable Arts Foundation. Venegas’s work has been collected by the Hospital for Special Surgery and the New York Presbyterian.