Johnie Thornton

Johnie Thornton is an American artist currently based out of Los Angeles and Palm Springs, California. Johnie is a self-taught artist who has a wide range of artworks in different medium from analog photography to photo realistic, and abstract paintings. Johnie’s artworks are unique as he is able to combine both pop and abstract aesthetics with figurative imagery. His paintings usually consist of blue human figures made with oil and bomb paints, and highlights of gold leaf on birch wood; focusing on depth, bold colours, geometric shapes and form. His work is heavily influenced by sociology, architecture, and their relationship to nature. Thornton also has a strong appreciation for math and uses geometry as an expression of movement, growth and communication in his paintings. Thornton’s work has been exhibited extensively at galleries and fairs throughout the United States, specifically California, and New York. His paintings and photographs are part of numerous collections in the United Kingdom and the United States and his artworks have been used in a variety of television shows (Two Broke Girls, Criminal Minds), movies (Veronica Mars), and commercials (Apple, Target).