Camilla Emson

Camilla Emson, %22Shifting combinations of a nature that tells its own stories%22, (2017), linen cotton bleach ink, 137 x 193 cm £8000.JPG

Camilla Emson is a British artist living and working in London, England. Emson is a multidisciplinary artist with a practice that includes movement therapy, performance art, blown glass sculptures, fiber artworks as well as installation artwork. With extensive training in dance and movement, Emson’s practice involves the moving body and pliable sculpture materials, such as molten glass and fiber, to incite transformation and stretch the boundaries of kinaesthetic awareness. Emson’s fiber artworks illustrate the artist’s interest in the concept of neuroplasticity; that new maps or synapses can be made in the brain. In Emson’s fragile fiber canvases she sews threads that are different colors into structures that refer to shifting psychobiological states. The loose yet protruding physicality of the threads in Emson’s artworks reminds us we have a body and that it is changeable. Emson’s blown glass sculptures resemble biomorphic forms and experiment with the novelty of malleability. The blown glass sculptures are manipulated molten glass using traditional glassblowing tools. Emson has completed a Masters in Fine Art Painting and Sculpture from City & Guilds in London, England as well as a Masters in Dance Movement Psychotherapy from Goldsmiths in London, England. Emson has extensively exhibited in London, England as well as internationally in New York, Dubai, Brazil, Argentina and Tel Aviv. Her artworks also reside in a number of important corporate and private collections including Lamb Arts, Rozenblum Foundation, Presenza, Alteria Art, Paul Van Zyl, Roya Sachs, Livanos family, Koerfer family, Zambeletti family, Alex Eagle and Gerson Zevi.