Cassandra Glanzmann

Cassandra Glanzmann, %22Watch Me Dance%22, 74x58 inches, Oil On Canvas, 2016.jpg

Cassandra Glanzmann is a Swedish contemporary painter who lives and works in Los Angeles, California. Glanzmann paints abstract and figurative artworks. Her oversized and highly saturated oil paintings serve as loose impressions of mother nature, be it from her time spent kayaking in the Swedish archipelago, scuba-diving or attending music festivals in the Nevada desert. Glanzmann’s signature series, “Color Gardens”, was initially inspired by a trip to Southeast Asia where she discovered her love for underwater ocean scenery.  Her paintings elicit a sense of floating underwater, each scene bursts with color and movement, yet simultaneously invokes calmness and meditative appreciation. Music also plays a profound roll in Glanzmann’s creative process. Thanks to her synaesthesia, she directly translates the music she listens to into the color combinations and compositions that bring to life her ocean waves and exploding sunsets. Glanzmann completed a Bachelor of Science in Culture and Politics from Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Science, as well as a Masters of Art in Art Business at Sotheby’s Institute of Art in New York City. Glanzmann recently showcased her work at Big Daddy’s Antiques in Los Angeles. She also was selected to live paint at the trendy Soho House in West Hollywood, a private members club focused on individuals working in creative fields. Glanzmann is also one of the creative directors and co-founders of the Glanzmann Group – a residential development company that creates beautiful, unique and custom spaces in Los Angeles, California. Glanzmann’s artworks reside in private collections in Los Angeles, DC, Seattle, Boston, New York City, Stockholm, Zurich, Helsinki and Barcelona, as well as a corporation collection in Oslo.