Kari Kristensen

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Kari Kristensen is a contemporary Canadian printmaker who lives and works in Vancouver, British Columbia. Kristensen specializes in linoprints and monoserigraphs. The process of creating an original linoprint involves several techniques that are intricate, delicate and time consuming. These processes include drawing out an image, carving the image into a piece of linoleum, rolling ink onto the linoleum and finally, printing the carved image onto paper. After moving from Ontario, Kristensen was taken by the beauty of the west coast Canadian landscape. As a result her linoprints are referential to the mountains and natural landscapes of Vancouver. The final images, however, are most often made up places drawn from her imagination. Kristensen is constantly developing her artistic practice, her latest series “Reflected Landscapes” experiments with different colors in her linoprints. After completing her degree at the University of Guelph in Art History and Classical Studies, Kristensen went on to exhibit at Dundarave Print Shop on Granville Island in Vancouver and is a member of the art rental and sales department of the Vancouver Art Gallery. Kristensen's prints have also been involved in collaborations with other entities such as Six Hundred Four shoe company, where one of her linoprints is going onto a pair of limited edition, artist-designed sneakers.