Tracie Cheng is an American artist who lives and works in New Haven, Connecticut. Tracie exclusively creates abstract paintings. By playing with space, depth, form and movement, Tracie creates environments through the layering and manipulation of paint and lines. Tracie finds her inspirations from natural phenomena and the multilayered dimensionality of topographical maps. Art has always been an outlet to Tracie in which she expresses her solutions, poses her problems, and finds her peace. She approach’s her artworks with great intention- wanting to give a voice to a story, real or dreamt up, hoping that the intention will transcend the artwork itself, while other artworks focus more on the composition, colour, and fluidity. She is able to create complex aesthetic character in her paintings that is tranquil yet full of movement, vibrant energy and luminous intensity. After graduating from University of Texas with a Bachelor of Architecture, Tracie went on to exhibit extensively in New Haven, New York City and Italy. Tracie currently has her work on view with Restoration Hardware in New York City and Los Angeles.